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Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. These Terms of Service, along with any and all additional rules and regulations, inclusive of but not limited to the “Privacy Policy”, serve as the full and conclusive agreement between you and Pacific Spins Casino.
    2. Carefully review this document as it outlines the conditions that govern your use of Pacific Spins Casino's services and website.
  2. Definitions
    1. “Terms” refers to the Terms of Service.
    2. “Website” pertains to Pacific Spins Casino’s website at www.pacificspins.com.
    3. “Services” implies the services accessible on the Pacific Spins Casino website.
    4. “We” or “Casino” signifies Pacific Spins Casino.
    5. “You” or “Player” denotes any person using any of the services offered by Pacific Spins Casino.
    6. “Games” means the casino games offered on the Pacific Spins Casino website.
    7. “Software” describes the software Pacific Spins Casino makes available for playing casino games, either in downloadable or non-downloadable formats.
  3. Acceptance of Terms of Service
    1. You are obliged to understand, agree, and adhere to all rules and regulations set out in the Terms.
    2. The Casino has the right to amend or adjust its Terms at any time without providing prior notice. Any changes will be displayed on the Website.
    3. You are obligated to routinely check for any modifications to the Terms as they might alter periodically.
    4. The ownership, title, and all intellectual property rights of the content, including but not limited to images, photographs, animations, video, audio, music, and text belong exclusively to the Casino. Any copying, redistribution, or publication of any content or part of the Website and Software is strictly prohibited.
    5. These Terms represent the full and final understanding of your relationship with the Casino. They make up the entire agreement between you and the Casino, and replace any previous understandings, agreements, or commitments, whether in written or oral form between the parties. No employee, officer, or agent of the Casino, or anyone else involved in creating, producing, or delivering the Casino, may verbally change, modify, or waive any provision of this agreement. By entering the Website, opening a User Account with the Casino, using, or reusing any such User Account, or accepting any cash-in, you agree to all rules given in the Terms, as amended occasionally.
    6. By accessing and using our online casino services, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:
    7. Communication Channels:
    8. The player acknowledges and accepts that the casino retains the right to transmit promotional and transactional content via a range of communication channels, including but not limited to SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and any other available means of communication.
    9. Consent:
    10. By participating in our online casino activities, the player gives explicit consent to receive promotional and transactional content through the aforementioned communication channels. This includes but is not limited to receiving messages, notifications, and updates related to casino promotions, account information, bonuses, and other relevant communication.
    11. Opt-Out Option:
    12. Should the player wish to discontinue receiving promotional and transactional content through any or all of the communication channels mentioned above, they may choose to opt-out. Instructions on how to unsubscribe or manage communication preferences can be found within each communication received or by contacting our customer support team.
    13. Responsibility:
    14. The player recognizes that it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy and validity of the contact information provided to the casino. This includes maintaining up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details necessary for effective communication.
    15. Frequency and Content:
    16. The player understands that the frequency and content of promotional and transactional messages may vary. The casino will strive to provide relevant information and offers tailored to the player's preferences; however, the player acknowledges that the casino cannot guarantee the availability of specific promotions or the receipt of all messages due to technical constraints or other factors.
    1. The following rules apply to the eligibility to participate in the Casino Games:
      1. You must be over 18 years of age.
      2. The laws of the country you reside in must allow online casino gaming and online gambling. The use of Casino Services is forbidden to all individuals living in jurisdictions where such use is illegal or prohibited. It is your responsibility to determine the laws that apply in your country.
      3. Players from the following countries are forbidden to play for real wagers: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Estonia, France, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Martinique, Mayotte Reunion, Moldova, Myanmar, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe. We apologize for any inconvenience.
      4. You must provide complete and accurate User Account information to the Casino.
      5. You cannot be an employee, consultant, licensee, distributor, media partner, promoter, retailer of the Casino, including members of their immediate families.
      6. You must abide by the rules of the Casino.
      7. You cannot play on behalf of an individual that is not allowed to play at the Casino.
    2. The Casino reserves the right to limit access to Players for any reason that the Casino deems necessary.
  5. User Account
    1. Establishing a User Account
      1. To participate in Games and place bets on the Website, you first must register with Pacific Spins and establish a User Account.
      2. Only one User Account per player is permitted. If multiple accounts are discovered, all winnings will be voided. If more than one User Account is created, Pacific Spins may close all accounts, and any bonuses and winnings may be declared void.
      3. During the registration process, you will be required to select a Username and Password for your login into the Website. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your Username and Password. All activity through your Username and Password is your responsibility.
      4. Should any information you provide to Pacific Spins be found false, your agreement with Pacific Spins will be void, and you will be liable to Pacific Spins for any damages and costs suffered as a result.
      5. Pacific Spins reserves the right to request copies of your identity, address, credit card copies, an approved signed purchase history, and/or other appropriate documentation when making credit withdrawals, in order to ensure fast payout, prevent fraud, and safeguard all financial transactions. If you fail to provide the requested documentation within 4 weeks or submit fraudulent documentation, we reserve the right to cancel the payout and/or close or lock your User Account. We may subsequently ask for these copies at random to ensure the security of your account.
    2. Terminating your User Account
    3. You may close your User Account at any point in time.
    4. To close your User Account, send an email to [email protected] with your account details and intention to close the account.
    5. Any remaining balance on your User Account post-closure will be refunded subject to applicable deductions, and may not be less than $20.
    6. The method of refund will be at our absolute discretion.
    7. User Account General Rules
    8. Your User Account is strictly for personal use. Commercial usage of Pacific Spins is prohibited. You will play solely for private and non-commercial purposes.
    9. You are not allowed to permit any third party, including but not limited to minors, to use your User Account to place bets or participate in the Games in any way. You are solely liable for any losses, costs, or expenses associated with the use of your User Account.
    10. Pacific Spins is not liable in any way for your participation or attempted participation in any act outside of the rules provided herein, or outside of the normal course of online casino operations.
    11. Pacific Spins reserves the right to close or lock your User Account at any time without prior notice and reserves the right to not provide the reason for doing so.
    12. Pacific Spins reserves the full right to refuse or terminate the User Account of any Player found cheating or attempting to defraud the Pacific Spins Software or making untrue and/or malicious comments in regard to Pacific Spins’s operations, or who exploits the spirit of the promotions offered by Pacific Spins unfairly.
    13. Pacific Spins reserves the right to publicize the actions of Players who cheat and defraud, including their identities and email addresses. These will be circulated to other casinos, banks credit card companies, and any other appropriate agencies.
  6. Deposit and Withdrawals
    1. Depositing to your User Account
      1. You acknowledge that any funds used for participating in Games must be lawful.
      2. You are prohibited from using anyone else’s credit card to place a bet at Pacific Spins.
      3. Once a bet is placed, the transaction is irrevocable and cannot be undone or “charged back”. You cannot reclaim your stake money if you lose your bet.
      4. Pacific Spins reserves the right to limit and/or decline your wager without prior notice. Pacific Spins is not obligated to accept your bet. In case of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decision of Pacific Spins shall be final and binding.
      5. Please note that deposit limits on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all other cryptocurrencies are not applicable due to their nature. However, we will gladly assist you if you need help in taking a break from gambling. Should you wish to explore this possibility, do not hesitate to contact us.
      6. We do not accept any Crypto transaction below 0.0001 BTC, 0.001 BCH, 0.01 ETH, 180 DOGE, or 0.01 LTC. All transactions that fall at or below this margin are considered non-recoverable and will not be processed into your casino account. Sending less than the aforementioned Crypto minimum deposits to any Crypto address will result in a loss of funds that cannot be redeemed. We will not accept top-ups on Crypto addresses if a player decides to send more Crypto to the same address in order to meet the minimum Crypto margin. Players are solely responsible for ensuring that they always deposit a minimum of $10 (BTC, BCH, DOGE, or LTC equivalent) or $50 (Ethereum equivalent) every time they use the Crypto banking method. Pacific Spins takes no responsibility if the minimum amount was not sent and reserves the right to treat these transactions as lost non-recoverable transactions.
      7. The additional bonus amount given by the casino when a player selects the suggested higher deposit amount is capped at $1000 and is subject to a wagering requirement of 1x.
      8. The maximum bonus for making a deposit through any deposit method for the first 3 transactions is capped at $1000 per transaction.
      9. The extra bonus is applicable solely to clean (bonus free) deposits.
    2. Withdrawing from your User Account
      1. Withdrawals must be made back to the User Account from which the deposit originated. This might not be possible in case of a credit card deposit, in which case an alternative withdrawal method may be required. All withdrawals from free promotions may only be processed back to the last depositing method.
      2. If you deposit and withdraw without wagering at least 1x the value of the deposit, you may be subject to a transaction fee that cannot exceed 10% of the transaction amount. This can only be done once the deposit has been reviewed and it has been determined that no manipulation of the financial system or money laundering activity has taken place.
      3. Players can withdraw up to $50,000 per week unless granted exceptions per their VIP status. Excess balance can be processed during the following week(s) according to the established minimum amount, potentially adjusted due to VIP status exceptions.
      4. Players can withdraw up to $15,000 per day unless granted exceptions per their VIP status. Excess balance can be processed during the following week(s) according to the established minimum amount, potentially adjusted due to VIP status exceptions.
      5. Only one instant withdrawal is permitted per player per day and is only available if you have deposited via any Cryptocurrency, Neteller, Skrill or EcoPayz.
      6. Please note that to receive a withdrawal after making a bonus-free deposit, you must wager the deposit at least 1x the value of said deposit.
      7. Pacific Spins commits to paying out progressive jackpots within a reasonable period of time, in accordance with the restrictions imposed by Pacific Spins's payment processor for the Player's jurisdiction and in accordance with the player's VIP level. Pacific Spins commits to paying out the full progressive jackpot win within 2 years.
      8. Any withdrawal that is made from the received cashback or any other free promotion will not be eligible for a new cashback. The withdrawn amount will need to be covered with lost deposits first before the account is once again eligible for a cash back.
      9. Upon requesting a withdrawal from a non-deposit bonus, a verification deposit is required, if the customer hasn't made a prior deposit.
      10. Transactions in BTC that are below 0.0001 BTC are not accepted, and all transactions that fall below this margin are non-recoverable and will not be processed to your casino account. Sending less than 0.0001 BTC to any address will result in loss of funds that are non-refundable. Top-ups on addresses will not be accepted if a player decides to send more bitcoins to the same address to meet the 0.0001 BTC margin. Players take full responsibility in ensuring that they always make a minimum $10 (Bitcoin equivalent) deposit each time they use the Bitcoin banking method. Pacific Spins takes no responsibility if the minimum amount was not sent and reserves the right to treat these transactions as lost non-recoverable transactions.
    3. General Deposit and Withdrawal Rules
      1. To protect our interests and those of our financial processors, we reserve the right, should we become aware or suspicious of any combination of deposit and withdrawal manipulation or money laundering activity that constitutes fraud, to withhold payment of funds and inform the relevant authorities and payment processor(s) for further investigation.
      2. Pacific Spins employs various active anti-fraud safety measures for your protection. All transactions are confidential and are monitored solely for your protection. Criminal acts or attempted criminal acts are automatically reported to the appropriate authorities.
      3. Any materials relating to Pacific Spins are automatically voided without notice if you alter, mutilate, forge, tamper with, or otherwise alter such materials in any way or if you attempt or cause others to attempt any such act. Any gaming or attempted gaming or purported winnings during or following such alteration, mutilation, forgery, tampering or similar acts or attempted acts shall automatically and without notice, be void. Any fraud (whether actual or constructive) on your part or caused by you shall automatically void any actual or attempted transaction from the inception and any alleged winnings shall not be actual winnings.
      4. We do not accept any Crypto transaction below 0.0001 BTC, 0.001 BCH, 0.01 ETH, 180 DOGE, or 0.01 LTC. All transactions that fall at or below this margin are considered non-recoverable and will not be processed into your casino account. Sending less than the aforementioned Crypto minimum deposits to any Crypto address will result in a loss of funds that cannot be redeemed. We will not accept top-ups on Crypto addresses if a player decides to send more Crypto to the same address in order to meet the minimum Crypto margin. Players are solely responsible for ensuring that they always deposit a minimum of $10 (BTC, BCH, DOGE, or LTC equivalent) or $50 (Ethereum equivalent) every time they use the Crypto banking method. Pacific Spins takes no responsibility if the minimum amount was not sent and reserves the right to treat these transactions as lost non-recoverable transactions.
  7. Bonuses and promotions
    1. General Bonus and Promotion Rules
      1. Specific rules for bonuses and promotions take precedence over the general ones stated here.
      2. Each player can claim only one promotion at a time unless stated otherwise.
      3. Each promotion is limited to one per player, family, address, credit card number, and shared computers (such as those in libraries, workplaces, schools, etc.) unless the casino management has granted prior approval. Verification of a player's identity might involve several forms of identification, including name, mailing address, e-mail, IP address, and credit card number.
      4. The casino, or its authorized agent, reserves the right to limit the number of bonuses given to any single participant in cases where multiple participation is permitted.
      5. Promotions cannot be combined unless specifically mentioned.
      6. Deposit bonuses are strictly for wagering purposes and cannot be withdrawn.
      7. Funds obtained from bonuses do not contribute towards deposits.
      8. Reversed cash-in amounts cannot be used to claim bonuses.
      9. Before claiming any coupon, your User Account balance must be below $1.
      10. You must play through your current deposit, bonus, or free promotion before making a new deposit or claiming a bonus or free promotion. Your balance must fall below $1 before you can deposit or claim another bonus or free promotion.
      11. A minimum deposit of $10 is required to be eligible for any free promotion unless specified otherwise in the promotion.
      12. Previous balances in your User Account cannot be used to meet wagering requirements.
      13. Withdrawals cannot be made for amounts lesser than the bonus.
      14. Upon requesting a withdrawal, any amount up to the equivalent value of the deposit bonus will be deducted from your balance or winnings before settlement. This means if you deposit $500, get a $250 bonus, and meet all wagering requirements, a withdrawal request should be made for an amount less than the bonus received.
      15. Any winnings from games like 777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo, or any Live Dealer games will be withheld if the bonus was wagered on these games. This applies to any amount exceeding your original deposit.
      16. The casino provides bonuses to encourage players. However, they aren't meant for "bonus hunters" or "bonus abusers". Accounts will be reviewed, and any account deemed as a "bonus hunter" or "bonus abuser" will have future bonuses and promotions restricted.
      17. Transaction records and logs may be reviewed by the casino or its authorized agent for any reason. Any strategies deemed abusive may result in the revocation of promotional entitlements and restrictions on eligibility for promotions. This also extends to refusing or rescinding bonuses for any reason, including player abuse.
      18. WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES are accessible for claiming and withdrawing only to players from the following countries:  United States, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.
      19. Eligibility for bonuses and promotions is restricted to players from Australia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Moldova, Tajikistan, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles. cannot redeem or make withdrawals on certain bonuses. All other territories not mentioned can redeem and make withdrawals on certain bonuses after making one successful deposit at the casino. However, players from Thailand, Austria, Sri Lanka, Slovenia and Turkey may not be eligible for certain bonuses.
      20. Tournaments, Progressive Games, 777 slot or any Live Dealer games cannot be played with casino bonuses unless stated otherwise.
      21. All disputes will be resolved by the Casino's decision, which will be considered final.
      22. Once a bonus is claimed, its terms become immediately effective and remain so until a new deposit or bonus is processed, and after the bonus has been cleared from your balance. This also applies if your playable balance falls below $1, or if you deposit on top of your existing bonus balance. Any violations of the terms may result in all winnings being voided.
      23. Please note that all minimum deposit amounts are set in USD (United States Dollar). You must check the cashier for the minimum amount required in your currency before making your deposit.
      24. Only one free promotion may be redeemed between deposit-free bonuses.
      25. No consecutive payouts are allowed from free promotions without making a deposit in between.
      26. The right to decline providing any/all bonus(es) to players who have received an un-proportionate level of bonuses based on their bonus release to deposit ratio is reserved. This rule will not affect the player's existing balance/bonus.
      27. All coupon codes have an expiration date. Ensure you use the coupon code before it expires. All coupons have a 7-day expiration date from the day they are redeemed.
    2. New User Welcome Bonus
      1. The stipulations described here govern the complimentary welcome bonus for new users established upon the inauguration of a fresh user account:
      2. Should you receive a bonus not contingent on deposit (free chips), a wager 30x the free chip's value is requisite.
      3. A single free chip is accredited per individual, family, household address, email address, credit card number, and both individual and communal computing systems (such as a university, fraternity, school, public library, or workplace).
      4. If you've previously capitalized on any Welcome Bonus, subsequent Welcome Bonuses are not accessible to you.
      5. To proceed with any withdrawal from the New Signup Bonus, a verification deposit is essential. Failure to make this verification deposit within 7 days from receiving the New Signup Bonus will result in the forfeiture of all winnings and bonus amount without pre-notice.
    3. Procedure for Cashing in a Coupon:
      1. Sign into your User Account
      2. Select the CASHIER option
      3. Choose REDEEM COUPON
      4. Input the coupon code in the provided rectangular window and select REDEEM.
      5. Click on DEPOSIT.
      6. Your bonus and deposit will be credited to your User Account.
    4. Standard Deposit Coupon Regulations
      1. To cash out wins from a deposit bonus, a Player must bet the deposit plus the bonus amount 15 times, unless otherwise stated (wagers on 777, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo or any Live Dealer games are excluded). For instance, with a $300 deposit and a bonus of $100, you are required to wager an aggregate of $10.000 (excluding wagers on 777, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo, or any live dealer game) to initiate a withdrawal.
      2. Every coupon code may be applied to a single deposit. More than one coupon code per deposit is not permissible.
      3. Each coupon code can only be redeemed once. After a coupon has been utilized, it becomes void for the next redemption.
      4. All coupon codes come with an expiry date. Ensure to use the coupon code before it lapses. All coupons expire 7 days after being redeemed.
      5. Upon satisfying your wagering prerequisites, any surplus beyond your maximum cashout limit will be automatically deducted from your account.
    5. Standard Free Spin Coupon Guidelines
      1. You are obliged to wager 40x the value of the free spin winnings.
      2. You may withdraw a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $50 from free spin winnings unless stated otherwise in the promotion.
      3. Once your wagering requirements are met, any excess beyond your maximum cashout limit will automatically be deducted from your account.
      4. Every coupon code has an expiration date. It's important to use the coupon code before it becomes invalid. All coupons expire 7 days from the date they are redeemed.
    6. Standard Free Chip Bonus Protocols
      1. You are mandated to wager 20x the value of any free chip bonus, unless otherwise indicated in the promotion.
      2. You may withdraw a minimum of $50 and a maximum of 5x the value of the free chip bonus unless otherwise stated in the promotion.
      3. Upon meeting your wagering requirements, any remaining balance exceeding your maximum cashout limit will be automatically removed from your account.
      4. Each coupon code has a set expiration date. Be sure to use the coupon code before its expiry. All coupons are valid for 7 days from the date of redemption.
    7. Standard Complimentary Point Terms
      1. Complimentary Points, or "Comp Points," can be converted into real money at a rate of 100 Comp Points equating to $1. b. You must have amassed at least 100 points to be eligible for Comp Point redemption.

      2. If your playable balance is above $1, you are prohibited from redeeming Comp Points.

      3. Comp Points cannot be redeemed if you have a pending withdrawal.

      4. You cannot blend redeemed Comp Points with other deposit or coupon balances.

      5. The cashout limit for redeemed Comp Points is 25x the redeemed amount.

      6. Please note that you can redeem up to $20.00/2000 comp points a day unless otherwise is stated.

    8. Standard Terms for Instant Cashback

      1. To request a cashback, your User Account balance must be less than $/€ 1.

      2. You can redeem multiple cashback promotions unless you've been excluded from participating in bonus offers.

      3. Any remaining balance after a cashback withdrawal will be deducted.

      4. You must contact the Casino to claim your cashback.

      5. Cashbacks cannot be applied to deposits older than 7 days.

      6. Cashbacks are only applicable to lost deposits without bonus funds.

      7. You can claim a cashback for deposits lost since your last withdrawal or cashback, whichever occurred most recently.

      8. If you make a withdrawal from received cashback or any other free promotion, it won't be eligible for a new cashback. You need to cover the withdrawn amount with lost deposits before becoming eligible again.

      9. Deposits used for wagering on restricted games (777 slot, baccarat, craps, pontoon blackjack, roulette, sic bo, or any Live Dealer games) are not eligible for cashback.

      10. Cashback is reduced by half if you wager any amount on Blackjack or 21 games.

      11. Any portion of a bonus-free deposit used to enter a tournament (Buy-in, Add-on, or Re-Buy) will be subtracted from the qualifying amount for cashback.

      12. Deposits used for transferring funds to Live Dealer games are ineligible for cashback, irrespective of whether Live Dealer games were played.

    9. Terms for Players Excluded from Bonuses
      1. Should a player who is disqualified from bonuses participate and profit from promotions or money bonuses, they will be obstructed from doing so by the Casino's automated system.

      2. In cases where a player attempts to manipulate the system or engages in dishonest practices, they will face immediate suspension and forfeiture of all bonuses, winnings, and associated privileges.

    10. Bonus Collusion
      1. The Casino reserves the right to suspend your account, pending an investigation, should there be reasonable grounds to suspect involvement in any form of collusion, syndication, or fraud during your interaction with the casino platform, website, and/or systems.

      2. We also reserve the right to withhold part or all of your account balance, terminate your account permanently, and recover from your account the sum of any winnings, pay-outs, or bonuses that have been influenced by any of the following activities:

      3. Collusion: The concerted effort of two or more individuals aiming to gain an unjust edge over the software and other players by pooling funds, thereby artificially increasing available bankroll through multiple bonus awards. This behavior seeks to maximize the probability of significant slot winnings while ensuring the pay-out is distributed to one of the colluding members, compromising the winning potential of other players at the casino.

      4. Syndication: It comes to our notice that you belong to or form part of a syndicate, club, or group where players are given strategies for advantage play to create positive expectancy scenarios via promotional offers.

      5. Exploitation of a fault, loophole, or error in our software or any third-party software provided for the services under this agreement.

      6. We learn that you have been found guilty of fraudulent or collusive behavior at another online gaming business, which includes charge-backs, collusion, or criminal activities.

      7. We find out that you have made fraudulent charge-backs, denied transfers, deposits, and purchases to your account.

      8. Use of automated play software such as 'bots' or any type of simulation tools or systems designed to provide an unfair advantage over the casino.

      9. The original deposit or User Account balance, whichever is the lesser amount, will be credited back to the User Account from which the deposit originated. The original deposit may be withdrawn at a minimum of $50.

      10. As a player at this Casino, you agree not to collude or attempt to collude or intend to be part of, directly or indirectly, a collusion scheme that involves sharing winnings between selected players, sharing funds, or working towards a mutual end goal while benefiting from multiple acquisition incentive offers to the detriment of other players not involved in the collusion. You also agree to inform the Casino if you suspect a player is colluding or planning to collude with other players. You further agree that you are not part of a syndicate or group engaging in advantage play strategies.

      11. We will thoroughly investigate any case where we suspect fraudulent activity, collusion, syndication, or illegal activity. We also reserve the right to inform our business units, processing companies, electronic payment providers, or other financial institutions we use, about your identity and any suspected unlawful, fraudulent, or improper activity.

  8. Game Rules
    1. The Casino's game server has been scrutinized by an independent User Accounting firm and validated for offering fair odds and for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

    2. The Casino retains the absolute right to modify, withdraw or replace any Game at the Casino at any given time, along with the prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions or other attributes of Services and/or Games.

    3. You accept the results of all Games as received in the client application from the Casino’s game server and agree that the Casino’s random number generator software determines the outcomes of the Games.

    4. The Casino may limit pending Games (games that have been quit without action from you) to one pending Game per Player.

    5. If a Game remains pending for 30 days without any action from you, the Casino reserves the right to terminate the Game.

  9. Privacy Policy
    1. During your Account registration, you will be required to provide certain personal data. This includes, but is not limited to, your first and last name, home address, e-mail address, and phone number.

    2. We pledge not to sell, donate, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third party. Your personal data will only be disclosed when mandated by any Governing Authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law.

    3. Your personal identity and details will remain confidential and we will never disclose wagering information on your behalf.

    4. All communication or correspondence between you and the Casino is considered private and not meant for distribution or publication on Internet forums.

    5. We might ask for certain document copies to verify your identity when you make a withdrawal for the first time. We may randomly request these documents to ensure the security of your account.

  10. Complaints
    1. For any complaints, please reach out to our support team round the clock via email, live chat on the Website, or e-mail our management.

    2. The Casino will make every effort to resolve all complaints. If you remain dissatisfied with the resolution provided by the Casino, your complaint can be directed to Curacao eGaming.

  11. Limitations of Liability
    1. The Casino bears no responsibility for any malfunctions related to hardware (either yours or the Casino's), network, telephone line, system, or Internet.

    2. If there are any issues with the gaming computer hardware, the gaming server, the implementation of the rules of a Game, the random number generator, or the accounting for the play, or if a human error is made by the Casino, any of its suppliers, or anyone else involved in the process, the Casino is not liable for any winnings that result from these errors. Any winnings resulting from any error are forfeited. In case of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decision of the Casino will be final and binding.

    3. You indemnify and hold the Casino, its software provider (Real Time Gaming), their respective licensees, distributors, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of their officers, directors, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, and others harmless from any legal action, demand, cause of action, claim, liability, costs, expenses, liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, fees or other charges that may arise as a result of the use or re-use of the Website, the Games, gaming with or through us, or receipt of winnings from us.

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