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Bitcoin Guide


Pacific Spins Casino salutes your decision to consider the use of Bitcoin for online gaming, as it enables you to enjoy the many advantages, such as protecting your identity and collecting the winnings faster. Let us walk you through the usual steps from buying Bitcoin, through depositing and finally to withdrawing at Pacific Spins Casino.

First, Set up the Bitcoin Wallet:

Before buying a cryptocurrency, you would need to set up a crypto wallet - a place to store your funds. There are various wallets with distinctive features. Whichever you decide to go with, is a good choice as long as you keep the passwords safe. The easiest way to acquire a wallet is to buy it online at one of the following crypto exchanges, using debit card or wire transfer:

Purchase BTC Online or at ATMs:

The listed crypto exchanges are also the places where you can purchase cryptos. Simply follow the instructions on these sites as they guide you from setting up the wallet to making the purchase.

Many of you may find it easier to buy BTC at ATM. To locate the closest ATM which supports Bitcoin we suggest using Coin ATM Radar which can tell you where to go. Next, you would need 2 things: cash to deposit at the ATM, and a Bitcoin wallet scanner which you get with the installation of the Bitcoin wallet (described above). To sum things up, when you deposit at the ATM, and scan the code appearing on the ATM screen (using your phone Bitcoin scanner), the funds should appear on your account.


If you have established a Bitcoin wallet and opened an account at Pacific Spins Casino, now is the time to make your first deposit using Bitcoin. It takes only 2 simple steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to let us know that you will be depositing in BTC. You can do this by choosing Bitcoin as the preferred depositing option within the Cashier section visible upon logging into your Casino account. Kindly be aware that the minimum acceptable deposit is the BTC equivalent of $10. Once you make this choice, the Bitcoin address will pop up on your screen, as well as the QR code. Copy the address.
  2. Next, go straight to the “Send” section of your BTC wallet and paste the BTC address to the specified field. If you have previously scanned the QR code, that would do as well. Click “send” for your first BTC deposit at Pacific Spins Casino. You are now ready to play, win and withdraw your winnings in BTC instantly!


Speaking of withdrawing your winnings, you will be glad to know that Pacific Spins Casino offers some of the fastest and the safest ways to do it.

The first step to withdrawing your funds is to make a request. Our friendly and helpful staff will handle your request with utmost confidentiality. Also, we would need you to confirm the amount and the Bitcoin address to which we should send the funds (be aware that you shouldn't use the same address from which you have deposited previously). And that is all! We will do our best to get the money to you as soon as possible.


Congratulations! You have made it through the entire process of buying Bitcoin, depositing as well as withdrawing it from the Pacific Spins Casino. Please also note that there are other rules of playing at Pacific Spins Casino. To make the entire process more enjoyable and prevent misunderstandings, we suggest that you get acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions.


The main perks of using Bitcoin in online gaming include the fact it gives you the control over your identity while saving your time and cutting the costs.

When using Bitcoin to transfer the money, your identity is protected. Whether you are paying for something, or receiving the payment, the ID which represents you is unique and has no visible personal data attached to it. What you can do to enhance the security is to protect your private and public keys safely.

Bitcoin transactions are done way faster than any other traditional bank money transfer. Moreover, the transfer costs are extremely low comparing to the traditional ones. However, kindly be aware that the money processing time depends on the payment processor for the jurisdiction of the player. Still, Bitcoin transactions beat the usual transfer times used in banks or other institutions.

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